Bambino will be the world’s first such application that predicts the best time for getting pregnant, based on the skin’s electrical resistance, and an artificial intelligence system which learns a woman’s body.
Currently, we perform tests with women, who use our application, wear the band, and undergo USG and blood tests at our specialists’, and also enter the relevant data to the log on specific days. Then, we will begin to write algorithms, which will correlate all this, and will learn a woman’s body, and we will program them. It is a huge challenge, the more so that in creating the Bambino application, we will use the so-called deep learning, namely not ordinary machine learning, but in-depth artificial intelligence. Once we do this successfully, we will repeat the same studies with women, to verify how accurately we predict this, to have time for corrections. We will also listen to the comments of the women included in the study, to create a perfect tool!
Wish us luck!