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Is affected by infertility (intercourses without contraception exceeding 12 months)


29 years AVERAGE AGE

of giving birth to the first child. Since 1990s, the average age has increased by about 7 years


At this age, women’s ovarian reserve (AMH) starts to drastically decrease

Our applications

is a smart calendar, which a woman can take everywhere.
It makes it possible to specify fertile and ovulation days using artificial intelligence algorithms.

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is a combination of a smart application and a band,
which predicts an ovulation window with 90% accuracy.
It is the first method based on electrical resistance supported by clinical research.

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What do women say about us?

Kamila, 23 years old

So far, I’ve been using similar applications, but none helped me to learn about my cycle and ovulation as much as Bambino. Also, none would offer entering the test results and monitor the cycle so accurately.

Inga, 28 years old

When I heard that you can predict your ovulation based on your skin’s electrical resistance for the first time, I was surprised. Now, after examinations, I’m sure that this is the future! The application itself is very intuitive, and has many options. Also, it is possible to enter your examinations, and this is also a great option!

Małgorzata 33 years old

My partner and I were struggling with infertility for 3 years. We tried different methods, but without results. Only our participation in the Bambino project brought us a happy ending. We will be parents.

Doctor’s Opinion

Joanna Tkaczuk Włach M.D., a gynecologist –
obstetrician, a gynecological endocrinologist and a reproduction specialist

Trying to have a child happens to be very stressful for couples, especially for women,
which, paradoxically, hinders this process and slows it down.
We can avoid this by using the application.At this moment, we can predict one’s ovulation with 90% accuracy,
namely the best moment for getting pregnant, and all this without interfering with the woman’s natural rhythm.
It is a significant step forward, and a great help for married couples who are trying to have a child.

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