coming soon predicts the ovulation windows with an accuracy of 90%.
The first method based on electrical resistance readouts, supported by clinical tests of 180 cycles.

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It’s a simple, non-invasive, time-saving tool, for tracking a woman’s ovulation, determining her fertile days, both for women who plan their first child, who plan another child, and for women having difficulties with getting pregnant.

It does not require any complex diagnostic operations, or much time for examinations – from the easiest ones, e.g. measuring the temperature for USG, or checking the temperature during expected ovulation.

The innovation employs the innovative method of reading out your skin’s galvanic reaction using a smart band, which, in combination with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, estimates when ovulation commences.

Without leaving her house, each woman who tries to have a child, has what a physician offers at their office.


Predicting ovulation windows with an accuracy of 90%

Downloading automatically and analyzing by means of artificial intelligence the data of i.e. the pulse, temperature, from the band during sleep.

Tracking and monitoring the cycle

Cycle log and diagram

Predicting diseases based on the data entered by the woman

Notifications and reports on cycles

How to use the application?

Put on the band,
when going to bed

activate the band and connect with the application on your mobile. collects the necessary data all night long

Check the forecast
of your fertile days



The measurement method does not interfere with
your daily life thanks to the band, which collects all the needed information on a current basis


The doctor may monitor your parameters, and analyze the examination results on a current basis


The artificial intelligence learns your body parameters, to predict your ovulation as precisely as possible (even several days in advance)


When necessary, the application will remind you of completing the daily data (any pain, stress, medications taken, the quantity of liquids drunk etc.)

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Doctor’s Opinion

Joanna Tkaczuk Włach M.D., a gynecologist –
obstetrician, a gynecological endocrinologist and a reproduction specialist

Trying to have a child happens to be very stressful for couples, especially for women, which, paradoxically, hinders this process and slows it down.
We can avoid this by using the application.
At this moment, we can predict one’s ovulation with 90% accuracy,
namely the best moment for getting pregnant, and all this without interfering with the woman’s natural rhythm.
It is a significant step forward, and a great help for married couples who are trying to have a child.

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